Water Services

Water and wastewater designs, supervision and management

To complex water challenges, our industry experts have an arsenal of tools and guidance to secure the safe resolution of almost any water issue.

From providing a constant water supply through expertly-dug boreholes to optimizing sanitation by enhancing your sewage system, and even equipping clients with expert guidance on the safe creation of hydraulic structures, we are well-versed in the field, providing adept solutions. We see our role as a collaborator, to offer results that not only help our clients but demonstrate best practices by creating safe solutions for wider communities.

Our range of services includes:

  • Hydrogeological and hydrological investigations
  • Topographical survey and mapping and Geographical information systems
  • Mini hydro-power
  • Dams/weirs and diversion works
  • Boreholes and water pans
  • Pumping stations
  • Water pipe networks
  • Irrigation canals
  • Wastewater Design
  • Flood modelling and Catchment Hydrology

Stormwater Management and Mitigation

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